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Archive for August, 2014

Death of a Poet

Heaney’s voice, through his written and spoken word has been concluded yet the resonance from his life’s work is far from lost. We are fortunate to have shared a time of passage with a great man, a poet and person of distinction. He spoke to us and for us in a language carefully crafted and finely tuned.

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Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part XIII

The committee receives a memo from Father Abbot, considers reinstating an offertory procession and reaffirms the decision to have “a suitable chalice put at the disposal of the celebrant who does not have a nice one of his own.”


Head of Vatican liturgy office moved back to Spain (UPDATED)

Cañizares is seen as a “little Ratzinger” in his views on liturgy.

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Viewpoint: The Ongoing Problem of Liturgical Clericalism

Liturgical clericalism occurs when the role of those in holy orders overpowers the Church’s rites and disempowers the baptized from the full and active participation in the liturgy for which the twentieth-century liturgical movement and Vatican II called.


Pope Francis – Christians Must Speak a “Comprehensible Language”

Pope Francis called Christians to stay grounded in reality and to speak a language which is comprehensible to the modern world.


Pope Francis Calls for Transformation

The truth ensconced within the Church is the gift of the Holy Spirit, and the Spirit will ensure that the truth is not lost. Pope Francis knows this, and because of his faith in the Holy Spirit he is not afraid to enter into dialogue and to risk being transformed in the process.


Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part XII

The next question discussed was the direction in which the celebrant should face at the Dominus vobiscum, Orate fratres, and last blessing. It was recommended that the present practice of the celebrant’s turning to face the (majority of the) community be continued.


Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part XI

“Father John opened this meeting of the committee by stating that the Abbot had received reports to the effect that the Bishop seemed puzzled or displeased with some of our Sunday liturgy.”


China Warns Pope Francis Not to “Interfere”

Only time will tell if Pope Francis’ charm and charisma can soften the hearts of officials in Beijing, just as he has warmed the hearts of many across the world.

Non Solum: Bios of Saints for Worship Aids and Bulletins

“Is there a website or publisher that provides brief bios of saints that can be included as part of a weekly church bulletin?”