This week Pray Tell is posting the talks and panels from the 2014 Collegeville Conference on Liturgy, Music, and the Arts. The following is a video of one of the talks given at the conference.


By Rita Ferrone

The past fifty years since the promulgation of Sacrosanctum Concilium have been a tumultuous time in the world of liturgy-one which has included excitement, change, and hope, as well as disappointment, resistance, and critique. Not without cost, the liturgical renewal has also shared in a fundamental and irrevocable way the Council’s desire for deeper engagement with Sacred Scripture, ecumenism, evangelization, dialogue with other religions, and solidarity with all people. What is the state of Vatican II-inspired liturgical renewal today? What healthy developments might we look forward to in the future? What are the “idols” we must do battle with, in order to worship the one true God? What are the wellsprings of hope that give us courage for the journey?


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