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Archive for July, 2014

New Circular Letter on the Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass

Pray Tell recently received a copy of the newly issued (July 12th) Circular Letter on the Ritual Expression of the Gift of Peace at Mass.


Non Solum: Liturgical Hospitality

After three years at Saint John’s, I have come to realize the importance of liturgical hospitality.


The Revised Liturgy and Being Sent Forth for Justice

Pope Francis wants all to go forth to love and serve the Lord. Francis’ popularity stems from his ability to deliver simple messages that all can understand and apply to their daily lives.


Viewpoint: A World-Wide Persecution of Christians is Well Underway

Why are Christians in the West not aware of this terrible holocaust? For one thing the media do not report the persecution of Christians, and consider such news “politically incorrect.” Political leaders, for various reasons, are deaf to cries for help.

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Interviewing Liturgical Leaders: Bruce T. Morrill, S.J.

“I’d have to say we need somehow to find a way to make people hunger for the Gospel such that they couldn’t imagine life without assembling to partake of it together.”


“Art in the Sanctuary”

A reader recently alerted me to a new website titled “Art in the Sanctuary.” It has the potential to be an amazing resource for parishes.


Liturgy in Collegeville: From the Archives – Part VII

On the question of direct and indirect participation Father Michael restated the principle that the High Mass is the highest liturgical form; however, even though there can be no doubt about this principle, yet as Father Loew commented in Worship, indirect participation is often more meaningful than direct participation because it is in the vernacular.

Interviews from NPM: Angela Stramaglia

This week Pray Tell will be posting the interviews we conducted at NPM. Most of them are around 5 minutes.


Interviews from NPM: Barry Hudock from Liturgical Press

I had the chance to sit down with Barry Hudock from Liturgical Press and ask him about some of the new titles that are hot off the press.


Cardinal Dolan on Boredom at Mass

We have all heard people say: “Mass is so boring!” But what does that really mean? How do we address this problem? Who or what is to blame?