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Archive for May, 2014

Proposed Ecumenical Gathering and Mixed Signals from Russia

Fr. Lombardi, the Vatican’s spokesman, responded today to reports about an ecumenical gathering at Nicaea in 2025.

Catholics and Orthodox to meet in Nicaea in 2025

News sources are reporting a possible ecumenical “gathering” between the East and West in Nicaea in 2025.

Positive Statistics from Rome

In almost all categories and regions the Church has seen significant increases.

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Catholics in Ukraine are afraid to go to Mass

The Catholic Herald published a story yesterday on Catholics in Eastern Ukraine.


Non Solum: Using historic vessels and vestments

How do we save our liturgical vessels and vestments from becoming museum pieces?


Pope Clarifies the Intent of the Synod on the Family

On the plane ride back from the Holy Land Pope Francis visited with reporters.


Pope Francis Departs for Rome

Today was the final day of Pope Francis’ trip to the Holy Land. It was another day full of excitement and hope.

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Pope Francis in the Holy Land – Day Two

Today was another busy day for Pope Francis.

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We Need to Talk: Adult Baptism and RCIA in the U.S. Today

I honestly think that RCIA has been on the back burner in many or most dioceses for some time. It needs some more conversation, and loving attention, especially now.

Pope Francis Touches Down in the Holy Land

Pope Francis’ visit fills my heart with joy. Pray with me that his trip might foster peace throughout the Holy Land and the Middle East.

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