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Archive for April, 2014

“And my confirmation name is…”

During a recent confirmation service I attended, I was struck — once again — by the fact that every candidate announced a “confirmation name” they had chosen.  For one, I am always intrigued by the names that come to be chosen. I think it reveals something about a spiritual journey if you name yourself after, […]

CCMLA 2014 — Last Chance to Register with Early Bird Rates

Save up to $100 on the conference fee if you register by April 30th! Further discounts available for students and seminarians. Are you signed up yet for the music conference at St. John’s?


Selling Off the Church’s Patrimony in Philadelphia

“The liquidation of uniquely American Catholic patrimony of the highest caliber is both shortsighted and contrary to the Church’s understanding of its historical treasures and evangelical mission.” – James Thomas Hadley

Women Deacons Online Seminar

With Gary Macy, William T. Ditewig, and Phyllis Zagano.

The Vatican Has Released the Program for the Canonization of Popes John XXIII and John Paul II

On Sunday, April 27th, Popes John XXIII and John Paul II will be canonized, and the Vatican has just posted the program for the grand event. There’s lots to chew on here for those of a liturgical bent . . .

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Breakouts at CCMLA 2014

Hone your musical and liturgical skills at the breakouts of the Collegeville Conference on Music, Liturgy, and the Arts! June 16-19, 2014 in Collegeville.

David Haas Receives Emmaus Award from NPCD

David Haas has received the Emmaus Award for Excellence in Catechesis from the National Association of Parish Catechetical Directors.

The Pope’s Phone Call to the Woman in the Irregular Marriage

“There are priests who are more papist than the pope.” – Pope Francis

Viewpoint: Poverty, Chastity, and Obedience are for Everyone

Usually, when we think of poverty, chastity, and obedience–the evangelical counsels–we think of priests, monks, and nuns. But, the Catechism of the Catholic Church states pointedly: “Christ proposes the evangelical counsels, in their great variety, to every disciple” (no. 915). – M. Francis Mannion

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Non Solum: Joy At Communion? With a Smile?

Should I continue to express my joy at this Holy Encounter? Or does my joy create a disturbance for others?