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Archive for January, 2014

Beyond Pius V – Andrea Grillo and Alcuin Reid

For the past week or so, the blog world has been talking about Andrea Grillo’s new book “Beyond Pius V: Conflicting Interpretations of the Liturgical Reform.”

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Millennials and High Church Liturgy

Recently a friend suggested that I read an article in The American Conservative (January 14) titled “Why Millennials Long for Liturgy: Is the High Church the Christianity of the Future?”

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Non Solum: Teaching New Music

Teaching new music to a congregation can be difficult and depends on a variety of factors including the community’s musical ability.


Nothing in Heaven Functions as It Ought

This is dedicated to all of us liturgical perfectionists who want the liturgy to be a foretaste of heaven.

Yves Congar, My Journal of the Council, Part XXV

The Pope approved the De Populo Dei (“On the People of God”), but added that he would prefer De Hierarchia to be put FIRST, followed by De Populo Dei.

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Canterbury Cathedral Ends 900-Year Tradition as Girls’ Voices Ring Out

Tonight at sung Evensong, Canterbury Cathedral ended its 900-year tradition of excluding females from singing in its choirs.

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Why you won’t find a new Missal edition from Kevin Mayhew Publishers

“The text of the new English missal is lumpen, difficult and odd.”


George Neumayr on ‘Fantasy’ Francis

“A fawning Catholic media that provides little honest reporting about the obvious progressive tendencies of this pontificate is fostering a fantasy of its own.”

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55th Anniversary of John XXIII’s Announcement of an Ecumenical Council

Today marks the Feast of the Conversion of St. Paul, but this year in particular marks the 55th anniversary of Blessed John XXIII’s announcement of his intention to convoke an ecumenical council.

Non Solum: The Centrality of the Eucharistic Prayer

One hears of Catholics today seeing no loss when Mass is replaced by a Word and Communion service – one gets Communion, so what’s the difference?