There is a missal angle to the new bishop in Rochester, Salvatore Matano.

The Catholic Curier in Rochester, NY has the video of the press conference of Rochester’s new bishop. At 18:20, Bishop Matano says this:

And I hope my first priority will to bring [sic] people back to Mass. I hope I will be able, in some small way, to bring back our brothers and sisters estranged from the Church who no longer worship among us.

I believe the Roman Missal, the third edition, has really been a great opportunity to revive the sanctity and the reverence we should have for the Eucharist and for the Mass, and to see: this is what motivates everything we do in the life of the Church.

Pray Tell has reported previously on Bishop Matano and the new Missal. At the USCCB fall meeting a year ago, Bishop Brom rose to oppose moving forward with translation of other rites and liturgies in the style of the new Missal:

The long and short is this: that I’m hearing, especially from the priests, and from lay people as well, real reservations regarding the English translation of the new Missal, and consequently, reservation that the collects from the new Missal be taken into the Liturgy of the Hours as we presently have them.

Bishop Matano respectfully disagreed:

I do think it is a bit counter-productive to go back in time and give a critique of the new Roman Missal, when so many of us are doing everything possible to nurture support for the new Missal, and to create a unity in our dioceses…  I think we really do have to accept, this is the third edition, work very hard to support it, and encourage it…

At the USCCB meeting next week, the US bishops will be voting to charge ahead with more translations in the style of the new Missal.

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