The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops is meeting in Baltimore November 11-14, 2013. There are five liturgical items are up for a vote.

Two items concern new English translations of liturgical texts:

  • Retranslated Order of Confirmation in accord with Liturgiam authenticam.
  • Final translation of the marriage rite, done by the International Committee on English in the Liturgy (ICEL) from the 1991 Latin edition which was never translated into English.

The newly-translated Roman Missal according to Liturgiam authenticam came into use in Advent, 2011, to mixed reviews. With the above decisions, the U.S. bishops would continue the approach of that book to the rites of confirmation and marriage. If the bishops approve these translations, they would be sent to Rome for final approval.

The bishops are also voting on marriage adaptations:

  • Four adaptions to the marriage rite: alternatives forms of vows, the option to move the Nuptial Blessing from after the Our Father into the Rite itself, the option of using a litany of the saints, and the option of using the Spanish adaptations of giving coins and the Blessing and Placing of the Lazo/Veil over the couple during the nuptial blessing.

Two business items concern Spanish-language texts in the U.S.:

  • Using the Spanish-language Misal Romano from Mexico as the base text for the U.S. Spanish-language missal.
  • U.S adaptations and proper text for the Misal Romano. (E.g. Spanish-language translation of the prayer texts for saints such as Blessed Francis Xavier Seelos and others.)
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