Today’s Question: Placement of Announcements

The authoritative sources say that announcements belong after the Post-Communion Prayer and before the final blessing and dismissal; however, this is not always where they are placed. Often times announcements are also given before Mass begins, after the Prayers of the Faithful, and after Communion but before the Post-Communion Prayer. While the opportunity for commentary at several points in the Mass does suggest these other places could warrant announcements, it seems to me that if you are going to do announcements they are best done after the Post-Communion Prayer. However, if announcements are done at this time, often the assembly will sit, creating a somewhat convoluted stand up-sit down-stand up routine. To avoid this, priests in some parishes pray the Post-Communion Prayer seated so that people do not have to stand up to pray and sit down again for the announcements. This solution seems less than desirable to me. What are your thoughts?  What does your parish do, and why? Please comment below.

Moderator’s note: “Non solum” is a feature at Pray Tell for our readership community to discuss practical liturgical issues. The title comes from article 11 of the Vatican II liturgy constitution Sacrosanctum Concilium: “Therefore there is to be vigilance among holy pastors that in liturgical action not only are laws for valid and licit celebration to be observed, but that the faithful should participate knowingly, actively, and fruitfully.” (Ideo sacris pastoribus advigilandum est ut in actione liturgica non solum observentur leges ad validam et licitam celebrationem, sed ut fideles scienter, actuose et fructuose eandem participent.) May the series contribute to good liturgical practice – not only following the law, but especially grasping the spirit of the liturgy!

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