Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 58

Vatican website translation:

58. A new rite for concelebration is to be drawn up and inserted into the Pontifical and into the Roman Missal.

Latin text:

58. Novus ritus concelebrationis conficiatur, Pontificali et Missali romano inserendus.

Slavishly literal translation (kindness of Jonathan Day):

58. A new rite of concelebration is to be drawn up for inserting into the Pontifical and into the Roman Missal.

In the light of the expansion of situations foreseen in art. 57 by which priests might concelebrate the Mass, art. 58 decrees that a new ritual for sacerdotal concelebration appear in the reformed editions of the liturgical books guiding celebrations with episcopal presidency and presbyters celebrating Mass. In the “General Instruction of the Roman Missal” associated with the Roman Missal 2011 (based on the Missale Romanum 2002/2008), the rationale, occasions and ritual for concelebrated Mass is treated in articles 199-251.

Pray Tell readers may wish to comment on any aspects of the rite of concelebration described in these articles, e.g., the approach to and procession away from the altar, the possible reading of the Gospel by a priest concelebrant, the division of the texts of the Eucharistic Prayer among various concelebrants, the communal gestures and recitation/chanting done by concelebrants during the Eucharistic Prayer, etc.


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