In his usual conversational and somewhat imprecise manner of speaking, Pope Francis spoke about “triumphalism” at Mass this morning in St. Martha’s guesthouse.

Finally, said Pope Francis, there is the group of Christians who ” in their hearts do not believe in the Risen Lord and want to make theirs a more majestic resurrection than that of the real one. These, he said, are the “triumphalist” Christians.

“They do not know the meaning of the word ‘ triumph ‘ the Pope continued, so they just say “triumphalism,” because they have such an inferiority complex and want to do this …

“When we look at these Christians, with their many triumphalist attitudes, in their lives, in their speeches and in their pastoral theology, liturgy, so many things, it is because they do not believe deep down in the Risen One. … “

It seems this could refer to pompous and pretentious celebrations of the liturgy favored by some “traditionalists” and “conservatives,” including some recent celebrations of the pre-Vatican II “extraordinary form,” doesn’t it? What do you think?


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