Now here is an evocative and beautiful and interesting video for you. I was put on to it by a fellow monk, Fr. Bob Koopmann OSB, who is the pianist. It was shot in Manhattan by the Dominicans – who, by the way, have 20 novices this year in the eastern province. The vocalist is Fr. Austin Litke, OP, pastoral vicar of St. Joseph’s in Greenwich Village and assistant chaplain at The Catholic Center of NYU.

There is much going on here, with powerful contrasts of sacred and profane, male and female, religious and lay, church and city, and rapid and intense sequencing of sounds and symbols.

I’m told that the Dominicans don’t make clear distinctions between development fundraising, vocational recruitment, advertising, and evangelization. They just make these videos and put them out there.

Is this inculturation, the new evangelization, the next reinvention of religious life? What do you make of it?

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