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Archive for August, 2013

From Blackfriar Films

Is this inculturation, the new evangelization, the next reinvention of religious life? What do you make of it?

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NPM President Search

In the spirit of the Second Vatican Council, NPM fosters the art of musical liturgy.

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Modern or Traditional? – 10 Thought Provoking Churches

“Usually, churches aren’t hard to spot, and often their designs seem to follow quite traditional and recognizable architectural templates. Having said that, in the past century some congregations and church leaders have chosen to push the aesthetic limits of church architecture and design.”

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Vatican II Churches — 50 Years later

The sanctuary of the church in which I grew up – St. Elizabeth in Hanau-Kesselstadt, Germany – was dedicated in 1964, at the height of Vatican II.  The church building was a new construction, and – in line with its time – essentially a huge block of cement.  Upon entering the sanctuary, one faced a […]

Report on Universa Laus 2013: Part Four

I would invite Pray Tell readers to consider coming to Universa Laus 2014 in Loreto, Italy. Check the Universa Laus website for more information.


Eucharistic Prayer 1 – The Roman Canon – The English Translation Revisited

I would be interested to get reactions to this, and I have my hard hat handy.

Report on Universa Laus 2013: Part Three

Fr. Aidan Peter Rossiter, CJ, offered a very passionate address in “Sacrosanctum Concilium? We’ve Only Scratched the Surface! Pastoral Reflections on SC 50 years on.”


“The Church of God welcomes you with great joy.”

A liturgical parting shot/gift from Pope Benedict: a minor (?) change in the wording of the Baptismal liturgy.

Report from Universa Laus 2013: Part Two

The day concluded with aperitifs, a magnificent festive dinner, and shared entertainment and conversation in the commons room bar. It comprised another rich experience of multi-cultural perspectives, shared laughter and insight, and mutual prayer.


Universa Laus Meeting 2013

It was a very full day, but rich in shared prayer, opportunities for conversation over meals, and a true appreciation for diverse cultural expressions of our common faith.