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Archive for March 26th, 2013

Veiling for Passion Time

“The veiling of crosses and images is a sort of ‘fasting’ from sacred depictions which represent the paschal glory of our salvation.”

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Cardinal Schönborn: “Fresh Spring Wind in the Church” with Pope Francis

“In this spring-like atmosphere in the church, we may look full of joy at Christ, who shows us the way to life, beyond the Cross to Easter morning.” – Cardinal Schönborn

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US Mennonites Greet Pope Francis

“We are heartened by your choice to live humbly and simply and by your desire to reach across boundaries to people of faith in many traditions.”

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Pope Francis Won’t Be Moving into Apostolic Palace

“He is experimenting with this type of living arrangement [in the guesthouse], which is simple,” but allows him “to live in community with others,” Father Lombardi said.

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“Simple and intimate” Holy Thursday Mass of Pope in Youth Prison

Around 10 girls and 40 boys will take part in the Mass. The Pope will wash the feet of 12 of them, who will be chosen from different nationalities and diverse religious confessions.

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Conclave Secretary: “This Pope Will Surely Give a Different Image of the Church”

Archbishop Lorenzo Baldisseri was secretary of the conclave that elected the new pope.

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Cardinal Sandri: “Revolutionary Pontificate” – Archbishop Müller: “No Revolutionary”

“With Francis a springtime of the church is beginning.” – Cardinal Sandri

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