Is there anything Pope Francis is not turning upside down?

Most people are understandably focussed on the delicate political issues at play when Pope Francis meets the president of Argentina.

But there is another aspect to this story. Note that Francis is meeting dignataries in the hotel, not the palace, though he has taken posession of it:

Fernandez called on the former Archbishop of Buenos Aires Monday at his temporary home, the Vatican hotel on the edge of the Vatican gardens …

The venue is unusual, given the pope has technically taken possession of the papal apartment in the Apostolic Palace, where such formal audiences are usually held. For a pope who has already come to be known for his gestures, the choice was perhaps significant, though he has conducted all of his audiences in the hotel to date, including with the Vatican secretary of state earlier in the day.

If this keeps up, we’ll have to add a new category to Pray Tell: “Abolishment of court ceremonial.” Or do you have better suggestions for the category name?


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