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Archive for December, 2012

O’Malley on Faggioli on Liturgical Reform… and why some people are attracted to the old missal

by Timothy O’Malley
“is it really the case that many of those attracted to the 1963 Missal of John XVIII (the extraordinary form) are dismissive of the ecclesiology brought about by the Second Vatican Council? Or is it not often true that those fascinated by ‘the reform of the reform’ are disenchanted with certain features of the implementation of the reform itself?”

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Alan Griffiths on ‘etiam’

… a small example of the weirdness of some of the language in the new Missal.
by Alan Griffiths

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More about SC 24, Sacred Scripture, and the Lectionaries

All readers of this blog are grateful to Father Joncas for his series on re-reading of the Constitution on the Sacred Liturgy [SC]. But do these same readers (especially the ‘lurkers’) think that his questions about §24 were answered? They are found in his initial entry, in his seventh comment, in his twenty-fourth comment, and in […]

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January 1 is a holy day again in San Francisco

“…if it is thought of as a ‘duty’ as Catholics to mark a special day and a ‘responsibility’ as people of faith to celebrate the nature of Christ, the Queenship of Mary and the importance of peace, it is not so burdensome.”

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How the Grinch mistranslated Christmas

The translation of the prayers for Midnight Mass is clumsy, and it misses the spirit of the Mass itself.

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The Christmas Carol: A Reflection

by Nicholas Denysenko
Has a particular Christmas carol touched you this Christmas?

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In the sixth month: a Christmas reflection

What sets apart the Visitation from any other visit from one pregnant woman to another? Prophetic recognition.

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Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 25

The final “general norm” for the reform/restoration/renewal of the liturgy articulated by the Council Fathers calls for a review/revision of the official liturgical library guiding Roman Rite worship (and the other rites insofar as the principles of the Constitution on the Liturgy should apply to them [art. 3]).


For Whom the Bells Toll — 26, 27, or 28?

I was glad yesterday morning when the bells rang 28 times at Marquand Chapel on Sterling Divinity Quad, where I work. Granted, there was a pause after the first 26 times, but then the bells did ring two more times. Why did it matter?

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Design for New Port-au-Prince Cathedral Unveiled

The winner of the design competition for the new Cathédrale Notre Dame de l’Assomption in Port-au-Prince, Haiti was unveiled today. The winning design was selected from among 134 entrants.

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