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Archive for October, 2012

Liturgical matters at the US Bishops’ Fall Meeting

Evaluating the new missal; electing a new BCDW chair; approving a new preaching document.

Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 11

I suspect that there might be some interesting discussion among readers about the intent of this article, how it has been implemented over the last fifty years, and what concerns we might have about its present implementation.


Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 10

Liturgy is “summit” insofar as other ecclesial actions are ordered to it. Liturgy is “source” insofar as it is genuinely sacramental.


Revisiting the illumination of liturgical texts: an amplification of Word made flesh?

Is the illumination of ritual texts relevant for Christian liturgy today?

A Reformation Meditation for Those Who Shape Worship

In a time of liturgical questions, changes, challenges, reforms, and reforms of reforms, filled with arguments, disputes, power plays, and power players, perhaps a bit of psalmist-inspired Reformation perspective is in order. If it worked for 16th century Martin Luther and 20th century Roman Catholic hymnal editors, perhaps we 21st century folk can profit from it as well.

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“Four alternatives to killing your pipe organ”

“In a world of slick packaging and empty clarity, I think it is folly to think that they want more surface appeal. People want more. But they want more substance, not more style.”

New & Old in Church Architecture: A Case Study

A a new Catholic church in Iowa asks us to ponder how we can make creative use of the art and furnishings from previous generations.

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Ministry of the Eyes

by Nina Lasceski
It’s not always easy to look someone in the eye.

Re-Reading Sacrosanctum Concilium: Article 9

Articles 9 – 13 describe more exactly the relationship between the liturgy and other ecclesial actions. The proximate background to this article is Pius XII’s address to the 1956 International Congress of Pastoral Liturgy at Assisi and Rome, where the Pontiff repudiated any notions that the liturgy could or should absorb all others functions and actions of the Church.


The Battle for Meaning, Fifty Years and Counting

by Julia Smucker
“Continuity does not mean that nothing has changed, still less that nothing will change.”