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Archive for May, 2012

Ephesians 5:21–33 on August 25/26, 2012

As mentioned previously, I hope that some preachers will take up the challenge of preaching on Ephesians this coming summer. This means that they will need to study Ephesians 5:21–33 not only in itself but also in its liturgical context. Because of the liturgical context, some preachers might choose to avail themselves of the short […]


Summer 2012 Sunday lectionary preview and the long form of the readings

In the summer of 1970 (July 26th to be exact, the 17th Sunday of the Year B according to the new calendar) my pastor breathed a sigh of relief when he came across Saint John’s version of the feeding of the 5000. The western church had been reading the Gospel of Mark for the first […]

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Vatican Declares “Year of Assault”

By Fr. John C. Sivalon, M.M.
“While said to be a time of renewal, the ‘Year of Faith’ is really dedicated to the idolatry of doctrine, power and hierarchy. The sisters in their communal service to the Church and world, who not only take a vow of poverty but actually live that vow without privilege, status or accumulation of wealth are a vivid and prophetic contrast to the inauthenticity of the call to retrenchment masquerading as renewal.”


Allegorical (Noncritical) Use of Scripture in Gregorian Chant

I raise the issue of allegory because of Vince Smiles’ excellent post “Historical Criticism: Essential for the Interpretation of Scripture.”

Anamnesis Translation in the Pauline Eucharistic Prayers: Part I (Roman Canon)

The first part of a four part series on the semantics, syntax, and translation of anamnesis in each of the four main eucharistic prayers of the reformed missal.

All the days of my life

When the hour arrived, I went out into the courtyard, where the sandstone of the church building was yellowing in the late afternoon sunlight. I walked in the church doors — beautiful carved wooden doors that have appeared in my dreams and have always symbolized my hope of salvation — and looked in the sudden darkness for the one person I had been waiting all day to see. And time ceased.

The entire texts of the extended form of the Pentecost Vigil

I have worked out the entire extended form of the Pentecost Vigil with all the texts in place. Here are the the Word document and the PDF version. The PDF version has the correct glyphs for the versicles and the responses. Please get back to me if you find any mistakes. Send to Kindle


Gregorian Chant: The Revival Announced

The Congregation for Divine Worship wants to put itself in the lead of the rebirth of great sacred music. But the Secretariat of State has its own musicians…


Fifty Years Ago Today at the Second Vatican Council

“The time has come to put an end to this nonsense.” – Pope John XXIII

Historical Criticism: Essential for the Interpretation of Scripture

by Vincent M. Smiles

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