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Archive for February, 2012

Review: The Illuminated Easter Proclamation

Charles Rohrbacher, a deacon and iconographer from Alaska, was preparing to sing the exsultet at an Easter Vigil four years ago, when he looked down at his photocopied text and thought to himself “We can do better than this.”

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Father Lawrence Heiman, C.PP.S., requiescat in pace

One of the giants of the liturgical music world died this morning at the age of 93. Send to Kindle

Hymn of the Day for Lent 2B

Here is the second hymn of the day text that I have created for Cycle B of the Roman Catholic Sunday lectionary system.

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Lenten tattoos catch on at Houston church

Asking his congregation to get permanent tattoos as a part of their Lenten observances may be one of the craziest things Ecclesia pastor Chris Seay has done at his artsy, pop-culture-savvy Montrose church.

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Report from St. Basil’s Chant workshop, Houston, TX

Last weekend St. Basil’s School of Gregorian Chant offered a three day workshop on the campus of University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas. Pray Tell reader M. Jackson Osborn provides this report.

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Is there water in your font this Lent?

I’ve been guilty of it myself when I was younger. But we really have to stop this weirdness around removing water from the baptismal font during Lent. I know we get Jesus in the desert for the First Sunday of  Lent, but he doesn’t have to stay there! Send to Kindle

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What if we just took stock?

An announcement should be made that the New Translation will be in use for the next five years. The bishops in English-speaking world would listen to the objections of everyone involved, both clerical and lay, and accept positive suggestions for improvements, based on experience. Is it too much to ask?

Drive through ashes?

“We have two entrances and one exit,” Rev. Patricia Cook said. “So we should be able to do this fairly quickly.”

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Why God Matters: How to Recognize Him in Daily Life

Here’s a book for Lent. And the authors are inviting people to share their Lenten stories at their website.


Why Ash Wednesday belongs out of the church and out on the street

This year, I will be joining many Episcopal priests in taking the public witness of Ash Wednesday one step further. On Wednesday, my colleague Catherine Caimano and I will put on cassocks and surplices, and go to a corner near Duke University Hospital with small containers of ashes and copies of a litany of repentance from the Book of Common Prayer. We will offer “the imposition of ashes” to people in the street.

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