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Archive for September, 2011

Save the altar girls!

“Is it wise to re-enforce the sense of the priesthood as a clerical caste? Is the acolyte supposed to be like the page who serves Sir Galahad until King Arthur dubs him a knight?” – America editorial

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Letters to The Tablet, 17 September

…I was responding rather sharply to a piece by Fr Allen Morris, until recently secretary of the English and Welsh bishops’ liturgy office. On 17 September, he had written a letter defending against a critic what is said in a UK edition of the new texts, namely that the bishops had been overseeing their gestation for about 20 years.

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Letters to The Tablet on the new missal – mostly negative

“The unconscious vulgarity of this change [from ‘cup’ to ‘chalice’], at the most dramatic moment in the whole liturgy, is horrifying, as though the dignity of the word ‘cup’ were not upheld by the hands that held it and passed it round…” – Fr. Sebastian Moore, OSB

Beautiful liturgy and the poor and hungry

“The beauty of art and material things in the sacred liturgy is meant to lead us to contemplate God who is beauty…Let us recall too the warning of St John Chysostom that if we adorn our liturgies with precious items and artworks, we should be all the more mindful to also cloth the naked, feed the hungry, and extend mercy to those in need.”

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Irish religious tried to delay new Missal

The Conference of Religious of Ireland tried to persuade the Irish Bishops’ Conference to delay the introduction of the new translation of the Missal, fearing it would cause further difficulties for a Church already in crisis.

Lost in Translation: Part 2

Part 2 of Gabe Huck’s 4-part series.
“Once you get beyond “Push” or “Pull” on the shop door, translators must make judgments where right and wrong are probably not the best words to describe what happens. No translation will say exactly what the original says to one for whom the original language is the mother tongue.”

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Hong Kong is delaying new missal one more year

The diocese of Hong Kong is waiting one more year to implement the missal so as to allow for more catechesis and preparation.

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Who began the undoing of Vatican II? Was it already Pope Paul VI??

“Oppose ecclesiastical power, but look with mercy on the custodians of this power. Try daily in your communities to build this Church-for-others of Vatican II. We sow, the Gospel also says, in tears; others, in their day, shall reap in joy. But let us not lament our fate. It is very laborious, difficult, but still wonderful.” — Abbot Giovanni Franzoni, OSB

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Congregation for Divine Worship has more time now to promote the sacred liturgy

Pope Benedict said he made the change in responsibilities so that the Congregation for Divine Worship could “dedicate itself principally to giving a new impulse to the promotion of the sacred liturgy in the church, according to the renewal willed by the Second Vatican Council.”

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In Praise of Rupture

Who could praise rupture?

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