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Archive for March, 2011

Notre Dame Center for Liturgy launches electronic journal

Best wishes to the Notre Dame Center for Liturgy on the beginning of their new electronic journal, “Oblation: Liturgy and Evangelization.”

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New translation: What a mistake!

“I just cannot imagine how anyone in the English speaking world with a modicum of literary or sonant intelligence could accept it.” – Fr. Lar O’Connor, letter to The Irish Catholic.


April issue of Adoremus

The April edition of Adoremus, edited by Helen Hull Hitchcock, is available online.

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Eucharistic prayer for Masses with children

Did you know that these childrens’ eucharistic prayers have the acclamation “Christ has died” … in a Latin dynamic equivalence translation of the English??

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NCC calls for common date of Easter

For the second year in a row – due to an unusual coincidence of calendars and moon phases – Easter will be observed on the same Sunday in all Christian traditions.

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Priest celebrates Mass with iPad



US Catholic trends

Catholics’ ability to retain their own is sliding.


Orthodox churches find it difficult to overcome differences

Diptychs, an arcane liturgical term that describes the order in which Orthodox churches commemorate each other at their services, is one of the tangled issues blocking plans for what could be the first great church council in 1,200 years.

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Questions about the new liturgy

I should make it clear that I am in favor of the new liturgy and think it will be an improvement. However, I have been looking through the prayers in the new translation of the liturgy and I have to say I am disappointed.


Encountering the Sacred: What you get is what you give. . . .

In the comments following a recent Pray Tell Blog post, one of our regularly appearing commentators, Tom Poelker, initiated a most interesting conversation, worthy of its own (i.e., this) post.