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Archive for January, 2011

Disagreeing and questioning…in union with the Pope and bishops

Bishop Kicanas: “Clearly there needs to be room in an academic community for disagreement, debate and a clash of ideas even in theology. Such debate and engagement can clarify and advance our understanding.”

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Unmarried bishops: Doctrine or discipline?

“For doctrinal reasons the Church does not, in any circumstances, allow the ordination of married men as bishops. However, the Apostolic Constitution does provide, under certain conditions, for the ordination as Catholic priests of former Anglican married clergy.”

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Missal production update

Say a prayer for anyone working on missal production. It’s a monster of a job, and there are zillions of details to attend to.

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New missal: Liturgical Press

With this post we start a new series on resources for transitioning to the newly-translated English missal. We start with LitPress.

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“And became one of us”?

Among the many voices that come together in a liturgical assembly to confess the Creed, you may hear some of the faithful pronounce that Jesus Christ “became one of us,” putting these voices slightly out of sync with the majority of the assembly that confesses that “he became man.”

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Give Us This Day: new from Liturgical Press

Alert: Give Us This Day is a really fantastic product! You’ll want to know about it. Fr. Anthony Ruff, OSB, from Pray Tell spoke with the editor of the new product, Mary Stommes.

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Restoration and/or Reversal

I find it interesting that on his blog Fr. Zuhlsdorf, in reporting this story, speaks of “reversing” the order of the sacraments, while on this blog it says “restoring” the order of the sacraments. Both, of course, can be true statements, without contradicting one another.

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Huffington Post on sacred music

Don’t play alone. Come together. Listen to one another. Maintain your own characteristics in the common search for the best expression. Those are the basic rules for living in harmony — an ideal for society that is rehearsed in our churches every Sunday, and never more so than when we come together as a community to pray through sacred song.


Liverpool restores early confirmation

The archdiocese of Liverpool has announced that the sacraments of initiation will henceforth be administered in the traditional order – baptism, confirmation, eucharist. This order is preferred quite strongly in the liturgical documents and legislation of the Catholic Church, but there is some leeway.

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A Renaissance in Georgia

The latest issue of the Catholic Near East Welfare Association’s magazine, One, includes a fascinating article, A Renaissance in Georgia, reporting on the resurgence of interest in Georgia’s medieval chant tradition and more… Send to Kindle