Final missal text sent to publishers

Jerry reports at Gotta Sing Gotta Pray:

There is some good news for publishers regarding the new translation of The Roman Missal. Yesterday we received the files we need (not the entire Missal) to begin constructing our worship resources for 2012, work that would have already been completed months ago had we had the texts. So, there is excitement around these parts, and a heck of a lot of work to do as well. We are grateful to the dedicated men and women at the Bishops Committee on Divine Worship, as well as to the folks at ICEL for their diligence and hard work. I cannot imagine what the past few months (and years) have been like for them as they shepherded this process through, with all its strange twists and turns.



    1. Propers? They’re done away with, all replaced with rhyming hymns. 🙂

      Dunno yet – but if the Order of the Mass file with all its prefaces is any indication, it’s probably pretty close to 2010 Moroney Missal with very few brushups. I expect we’ll know fairly soon.


  1. I come without an axe to grind, but a question: does anyone know what happened to the offertory texts?

    It just strikes me as odd to leave them out of the translation. Is it because they aren’t in the MR, only in teh chant books?


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