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Archive for June, 2010

New iPad application won’t replace liturgical books, creator says

Are Catholics soon going to see their parish priest celebrating Mass with an iPad instead of traditional liturgical books?

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Summer “What We’re Reading” Wednesday

Having seen ‘Oh What a Lovely War’ on the stage recently, a musical which satirises the senseless carnage of World War I, I felt the need to read in detail about how the War began and how it was conducted.


Lifelong Nourishment by Baroness James

We live in an age imbued with a restless desire for change. It sometimes seems that nothing old, nothing well established, nothing which has evolved through centuries of experience and loving use escapes our urge to diminish, revise or abolish it.

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Austria: another view

“I always say, in dubio pro papa – in doubt, for the Pope.”

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Do homilies work ‘ex opere operato’?

Could it be that it doesn’t matter how well or poorly prepared or preached a homily is, since the homilist is acting not as himself but in persona Christi? I don’t buy it.

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Collect Interruptions

I’ve become interested lately in the syntax and word order of the Collect (=Opening Prayer =Prayer of the Day).

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From the land of Mozart, Haydn, Bruckner, Schubert…

80% of Austrian clergy favor the abolition of mandatory celibacy, 51% favor the ordination of women. More than half believe that Rome’s handling of the sex abuse scandal has been “poor.”80% believe that the sex abuse scandal should be taken as the occasion for a fundamental rethinking of the Church’s approach to sexuality.

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Any day now…

…could be soon… perhaps by Friday…

Quote of the Day

“If we resolve the problems posed by faith exclusively by means of authority, we will of course possess the truth – but in empty heads!”


A Little Bit on Eucharistic Reservation

Among many (though not all) Anglicans and a growing number of Lutherans, Eucharistic reservation for the sick and others who are absent from the liturgy is coming back into favor… I call your attention to a post on Daniel Mitsui’s blog The Lion and the Cardinal with some fascinating images of Eucharistic Doves — hanging dove-shaped pyxes for reserving the Sacrament.

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