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Archive for May, 2010

Doxology: Gloria Patri, et Filio, et Spiritui Sancto…

Here is the National Catholic Youth Choir singing “Doxology” by Kevin Vogt.

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Unholy Trinity

Let me end by quoting from the well-loved Athanasian Creed; so beloved in church lore that it’s relegated to page 846 of the Book of Common Prayer.

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Monks making money

Capitalism, indeed, was invented in monasteries in the 9th, 10th and 11th centuries.


Seven Theses on Current Discussions of the Doctrine of the Real Presence

A spiritually fruitful attitude toward various proposed explanations of the Real Presence, including contemporary ones, would be to draw inspiration from them all, though they are all inadequate.

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Ocean Lament

Am I the only one who experiences a profound disconnect these days between our lives of prayer (and what we think is important to bring into God’s presence) and the catastrophe happening in the Gulf of Mexico? The intercessions at my parish this morning, beautiful as they were, did not seem to know anything of the ecocide taking place in the ocean off the Louisiana coast and reaching into the fragile coastlands and all life-forms that depend on them, humans included.

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Transubstantiation and Aristotle. Warning: Heavy Philosophy

To claim that transubstantiation itself is conceptually independent of Greek philosophy seems both false and misguided, as if somehow the term transubstantiation were what is sacred and not Christ’s presence in the Eucharist.

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US Demographics and Church Attendance

In the era following World War II, traditionalists and modernists attended the same churches. Today, we are more likely to shop for churches…


Monastic Institute: “Benedictine Spirituality”

The 25th annual Monastic Institute at Saint John’s is June 27 – July 1. This year’s theme is “Benedictine Spirituality.”


“Harmony, Hope, & Healing” by Marge Nykaza

Harmony, Hope, & Healing is an amazing program by an amazing woman. Marge Nykaza had the bold idea to use music as a means of healing for homeless, addicted, and needy persons. Here Marge tells how she made it happen.

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Tempus per annum

That’s the Latin translation of “Ordinary Time.” (Except translation generally goes in the other direction.)

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